Nature Conservancy in Oklahoma

I'm a big fan of the Nature Conservancy -- it's one of the few organizations I've consistently donated to over the years. They got some really bad press a few years ago, causing their donations to really dry up. So it's good to see their work in Oklahoma highlighted in the New York Times.

I'm often asked what it feels like to live in Oklahoma (usually by people on the East coast) and it's always hard to get across to them the feeling of the limitless horizon that you get in Oklahoma. The photograph accompanying the article captures the wondrous awe of the landscape beautifully.

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  1. Thanks for that link. The prairies brought me home after 20 years away. I've been donating to the NC for about as long -- i really admire that organization. Have you been to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve yet? I went last October -- Osage County is otherworldly.