A six-year-old on Indian roads

The kids slept well on the plane from London to Chennai, so they were alert and awake for a few hours out of Chennai.

The six-year made all the hackneyed observations -- the reason they are so hackneyed is because even a six-year old can make them! I'm going to report his take on Indian roads. I report, you decide.

"The cars are different. The driver sits on this side when he should be sitting on that side."

"How come there are no seat belts?"

"I saw a man riding a cow on the road. The cow didn't die and the man was okay too."

"There's a kid going barefoot all alone. How can he do that?" I was waiting to hear something about how hard it would be walk barefoot in the heat, but S1 surprised me. "How will he know how to get back home?"

"How come the sugar sticks don't fall off the truck?" This was in reference to seeing tractors carrying sugar cane.

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  1. It's nice to hear about someone else traveling for a change. And beautiful see travel through the eyes of your children. Fantastic.