Hard-working white people, please skip this post

What would you do if you were in Manhattan and on an expense account? I'm having fun eating food that isn't easy to find in Oklahoma. At the risk of losing all you hard-working, white friends out there:

Sunday evening: foie gras grilled, Asian style and grilled rack of lamb at Riingo. Great service and excellent food.

Monday afternoon: gravlax and cream cheese on a baguette at Mendy's Kosher deli. Gorgeous lunch ... I could totally live in New York City!

Monday evening: Grilled Dover sole, skeleton removed table side and "floating island" at Le Perigord ... A snooty French restaurant with excellent food, an attitude (the waiters kept talking to me in French) and an overpriced final bill (I got charged the fixed price meal even though what I ordered cost less a la carte).

Ah, well. In Oklahoma, the food's not nearly as good, but then they won't cheat you either.

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  1. Interesting that most of the dishes mentioned are to be had cold. The hardcore south indian in me would resist to anything cold int he main course. I like it piping hot!