Images of nostalgia

The road from Chennai to Devakottai is a familiar one, especially the last part of the journey. I would often take the route to visit my grandparents when I was in high school. The nostalgia hit as I saw the familiar sights again.

The thatched roofs of low-slung mud houses:

The entrance into Tiruchi, as one crosses the Vaigai river with the temple at Sriragam rising dramatically over the landscape:

The gate to the palace at Pudukottai. The palace is just a bunch of government offices now, so it's not that impressive inside. However, the red brick of the entrance gate is still arresting:

The fort at Tirumayam. I plan to take the kids there next week sometime. So, there should be a lot more pictures of Tirumayam ...


  1. is there a vaigai river in Trichy?

  2. Nice subtle dig ... I had to think about that one. The Cauvery is on the other side of Srirangam and the Vaigai is near Madurai ... The river in the photo is Kollidam.