Archaeologist or actor? Is there a difference?

I wish I could say that I'm making this up, but I'm not.  The Archaelogical Institute of America (an honest-to-God scientific society) has elected Harrison Ford to its board of directors.  Rather than be ashamed of mixing science and fiction, they are so proud of having the actor on their board that they tout it on their website:

"Harrison Ford has played a significant role in stimulating the public's interest in archaeological exploration," said Brian Rose, President of the AIA. "We are all delighted that he has agreed to join the AIA's Governing Board."  ... In addition, the current May/June issue of ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, published by the AIA, features a cover story devoted to the mysteries surrounding the alleged crystal skull archaeological finds that inspired the new "Indiana Jones" film.

It appears that the AIA subscribes to the "no publicity is bad publicity" school, because their website goes on to note:

Harrison Ford is already helping to raise public awareness of the AIA and its mission as the news of his election to the Board has spread. Many media outlets have covered the story.

 "Twister" was being shot on location at the lab in 1995, the year I joined.  Several scientists advised on the film, but I'm thankful that nobody had the ridiculous idea of having Bill Paxton give a seminar at an AMS meeting. And may it forever be thus.

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