Need more categories on Grace Notes and iTunes

I discovered a blog of jokes each of which is opened by a musical segment that is a wonderfully upbeat combination of folk and ragtime. Turns out the music is called Klezmer:

Klezmer, old time traditional Yiddish dance music was the soundtrack of Ashkenazi Jewry for generations ... Fiddles, ‘cellos and hammered dulcimers were the hot instruments of the Middle Ages ...

So, naturally, I went on iTunes and searched for Klezmer music. Of course, there's no category for it --so I only got bands that happened to have "Klezmer" in their name. And notice that their "Genre" is anything from "World" to "Country".

This is one of my pet peeves. The music I listen to the most -- Carnatic classical -- is not an official category either. So, people who upload track names to Grace notes use (pick one) classical, world, alternative or, in one instance, funk! It's a pain when searching. How hard can it be to include better categories? Surely, it takes no extra bytes to store "Klezmer" or "Carnatic" than it is to store "World"!

p.s. The jokes on "Old Jews telling jokes" are kind of old -- you've almost definitely heard them before -- but the effect of a wise old fella narrating the joke is quite unique. You should definitely watch a couple of clips.

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