A Sunday sans kids

What's a Sunday sans kids look like?
  1. Wake up and watch Federer vs. Soderling (French Open tennis final). Soderling seemed happy to just be there. I missed Rafa! I was even willing to watch five sets this time.
  2. Take my friend's Porsche for a spin. Nice car, but a bit impractical, no? The kids are coming back ...
  3. Go shopping with wife. The kids are gone. The wife isn't!
  4. Take a nap. But then I always clear out time for a weekend nap. Freshens up my week.
  5. Watch USBF team trials (Bridge: Cohen-Berkowitz vs. Stewart-Woolsey Round of 16)
  6. Mow lawn
  7. Watch Lakers vs. Magic (NBA finals)
I could get used to this life. But it seems ... empty.

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