Big city fix

Dallas is our closest big city (about a three hour drive away); we try to go there about twice a year to get our big city fix. We have the best kind of friends in Dallas -- a couple with no kids, who cook like a dream but are so busy that they eat out quite often too. So, we get home-made paella and tiramisu when we land up at 10pm on Friday, then get restaurant recommendations close to all the places in the city we decide to go to.

Saturday, we went to an Indian fast food (!) place. S1 was quite astonished that you could actually get a dosa in a restaurant, and then was astonished again at the size of the dosa. He was so enthralled with restaurant dosas that he begged to go there again twice more -- the picture at the left is of an even bigger dosa that he got for lunch on Sunday -- the size of this one seems to have cured him (for now at least) of his dosa craze.

We also visited Kimbell, the Fort Worth museum. A few of the pieces that impressed: (1) The strength and agility that emanates from the foot-tall statue (part of their African collection); (2) the enlightenment-era bust whose sculptor, the museum claimed was the first artist in thousands of years of sculpting to figure out how to render eyes properly. The eyes were amazingly life-like, unlike the typical sculpture whose eyes are rendered blind if the busts are left unpainted (3) the baleful look of the mother in the scene when Agamemmon says that his daughter is to be sacrificed to the gods, not married off to Achilles.

We, of course, paid our pilgrimage to the stores we don't have in Oklahoma -- Ikea, Costco ... and just when I was thinking: wouldn't it be nice to have good ethnic restaurants and stores selling inexpensive and well-designed items? ... we got stuck in a big city traffic slow-down. It was not a traffic jam, and didn't last long, just 15 minutes or so. But that was all that was needed to remind us that we have it good with our 5 and 15-minute commutes. And though we don't have a museum of the caliber of Kimbell, the Sam Noble natural history and Fred Jones art museums are both intimate and family-friendly.

Happy New Year.

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