How to remember where you parked and other uses of a cell phone camera

So if my cell phone pictures are so lousy, what's the point of a cell-phone camera? I've found several uses so far:

(1) It's an easy way to remember where I'm parked at the airport. Three, four days later, it can be very helpful to simply browse the phone images and find out the lot my car is in. I used to write the information down on slips of paper and put it into my wallet, but this is a lot more convenient and a lot quicker.

(2) A way to quickly take photos when there's nothing else on hand -- a bad photo is better than no photo. For example, this weird cemetery in New Orleans that we were driving past -- the graves are above ground! Turns out it's an old Spanish custom that works well in areas where the water table is high.

(3) Use the camera phone for candid shots. Useful for subjects (usually my kids ...) who change their behavior when they spy a camera. To protect their privacy, I'm not posting any examples.

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