Look who's running for a third term!

This showed up in my email box just as I was ready to head out to the gym:

OU students, faculty and staff and the public are invited to a forum with former President Bill Clinton speaking on behalf of Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign for President ... the University has extended an invitation to all Republican and Democratic candidates for President or leaders in their campaign to speak on campus. Earlier Gov. Mitt Romney spoke on the OU Health Sciences Center campus and General Jerry Curry spoke on the Norman campus on Jan. 23.

Now, Mitt Romney is running. I don't know who Jerry Curry is, but a Google search brings me to a website that says he's a candidate for president too. The university has weasel wording in place ("or leaders in their campaign"), but you can draw the inference yourself.

I've pointed out before that Hillary Clinton is not like Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher or even Angela Merkel. She's more like Ma Ferguson.

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  1. Jerry Curry is the only man to lead the U.S. as this time.