New Orleans, in pictures

These pictures are all from Wednesday. They're not great quality, since they were taken with my cell phone.

T. and I sneaked out of the official banquet (an aside: how overcautious and fearful of causing offense do you have to be to serve chicken breast and caesar salad at a reception in New Orleans?) and took a cab to a Hornets game. We got to see the second half. The Hornets played in Oklahoma City for a couple of years after Katrina and even played one game in Norman. But it took a trip to NOLA to see my first pro basketball game. The game was a blowout, but the thing that stands out was how every second of breaks in the game (commercial breaks, timeouts, etc.) was filled with on-court antics.

We took a stroll down Bourbon street. Bourbon street was very much alive, but mostly with middle-aged tourists. Mardi Gras is next week, maybe it'll be a younger crowd then.

We also spent some time in a jazz club. They were playing blues. Quite well, too. Although T. spoiled it a bit by pointing out how many times the singer said "baa-by". And then all I could do was to wait for the singer to say the word again. He seemed to be averaging 5 babies a song.

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  1. "On court antics" - have you not been to a Sooner's football game - my exact observation from the three I attended this fall -- I suppose its television commercial break filler.

    My friend with the NBA said the Hornets loved playing here and would have stayed under the right conditions. I am hoping the Seattle move will happen and receive good fan support.