Football crazy town

I'm in New Orleans for an American Meteorological Society meeting.  The first billboard I noticed on the way from the airport yesterday was for Louisiana State University: "A Championship Experience" it proclaimed, with a triptych  that had the LSU football team prominently in the middle.  Isn't Baton Rouge a hundred miles up north? Why proclaim the college spirit in New Orleans?  I've studied at two football-crazy universities (Ohio State in Columbus and Oklahoma in Norman), but neither Cincinnati nor Tulsa carries Buckeye or Sooner billboards.

Of course, the reason I'm offended may have more to do with the fact that two of LSU's championships came against OU and OSU.

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  1. Meteorology was my first and almost only A at university. It was an elective science I chose based on an attraction to the word cumulonimbus and inspired by the local celebrity of Gary England. For a short time I was a weather man on Stillwater cable TV.

    The science of it is a marvel. The live news reporting of it in Oklahoma has become one of the most annoying traditions here - worse than any reality tv show.

    And since I sucked at math -- I find your work absolutely amazing!!!