Yeah, Maggi!

As recently as a few months ago, the kids would mope around on Sunday when they saw me packing my dress shirts for a trip. Not any more.

This Saturday, when I mentioned that I'd be leaving for Boston, S1 got all excited. "Yeah!" he said with a little jig, "we get to eat Maggi noodles". They don't get to eat it when I'm at home, so my trips are his only opportunity to gorge on the stuff. The younger one is not such a fan of boxed stuff -- she much prefers the stuff I cook when we're really short on time (steamed salmon or linguine and pesto both take less than 20 minutes) -- but she too followed her brother's lead: "yeah, Maggi noodles," she said. And they both ran off to tell Mom.

But now it's Tuesday, I've been gone two days, the Maggi craving has been quenched ... "So when are you coming back?," they want to know. Good to feel wanted, but the cynic in me wonders how long that's going to last ...

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