A Favorite Cookbook

I made cottage-cheese pancakes for supper today from what's one of my favorite cookbooks. It's out of print now. I found it, by chance, in a old book sale and picked it up because, really, how wrong can you go spending a dollar for a book?

The book's by Michael Field, was published in 1972 and is about waffles, pancakes and crepes. Like the best cookbooks, it's not just a bunch of recipes -- Michael Field tells you what works, and why it works. When I had wonderful savory crepes at a hole-in-the-wall eatery in Toronto, I knew where to look to get started toward recreating that recipe. It's now a staple at home. Our blueberry-pecan waffles and mango crepes both got started from this book.

If you see any other cookbook by him (back in the day, Michael Field was a bonafide rival of James Beard so he wrote quite a few), pick it up!

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