Still more food

Continuing my observation of food, food everywhere in Oklahoma (perhaps I notice it more now that I've been away so long ...):

Went to a a friend's barbecue on Saturday. I took along chicken marinated in a ground mixture of basil, green chilies, fish sauce, cilantro and yogurt.

"Wasn't it too spicy?", asked the wife. She knows all about taking spicy stuff to parties [blog from 1998!].

"No ...," I said, "it vanished five minutes off the grill."

I didn't mention that the vanishing act was no testament to my cooking skills. More likely that the chicken vanished because there were graduate students at that party.

And today, there was an ice-cream social at the building where I work. The ice-cream brought out all manners of cubicle dwellers. They even talked to each other!

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