The news out of Iraq

Nothing like a slow Saturday afternoon to digest all the Iraq-related news.

(1) Militarily, the surge has worked. We built walls within their cities to prevent them from killing each other and paid off various gangs to stop harassing the populace.  The Iraqi population also decided to stop aiding the insurgents. So violence is way down.

(2) Politically, the surge has started to work.  The Sunnis just rejoined the government in Baghdad. So, they do have some national reconciliation going on.

(3) The Iraqis like Obama's 16-month timetable.  They're asking us to leave. We'd be fools to not take this opportunity to declare victory.

(4) McCain, like Bush, wants a longer-term occupation of Iraq.  But Americans don't want it. Iraqis don't want it.  I don't see the point.

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