Helsinki sights

The dome church in Helsinki is hollowed out of granite (due to the ice-age, much of Finland is just bed rock). We were lucky to catch a concert there -- great acoustics!

The Sibelius monument just north of the center of the city is a lovely, abstract homage to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

View of Helsinki from atop the Olympic tower (at the stadium where the Helsinki Olympics were held sometime in the 50s or 60s).

All the tourist brochures claim that Helsinki has 315 islands. Unlike Stockholm, though, one doesn't get the feeling of being on islands. Mostly because most of Helsinki proper is on a peninsula. And ones that are true islands are just spots for cafes and restaurants.

We did have two wonderful dinners on island restaurants, but the islands are more of a tourist thing than a matter of life. And it definitely won't help if this island is counted as one of the 315.

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  1. Hello there,
    Nice photos. Just one small correction. The church you call the dome church, actually is known in English as the "Rock Church".
    The proper Finnish name is "Temppeliaukion kirkko". (Direct translation: "The church of Temple square").

    If you are interested, this web site has a ton of great Helsinki fotos, on several pages: