Home cooking

Decided to cook dinner. I had a whole month of sambar-and-rasam in India. And last week in Helsinki has put me off and sandwiches for a while.

So what to cook? Gujarati food perhaps?

Constraints? The wife had left yoghurt in the fridge and home-made yoghurt tends to sour quickly. So needed to use it up. Also, the only fresh vegetables I could find in the market were: Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery and cucumber.

This is what I ended up cooking:

1. Bhatia Kadhi. A sweet and sour sauce for rice made from toor dhal liquid, sour yoghurt and vegetables (in my case: Brussels sprouts).

2. Lachko Dhal: Cumin-flavored dhal that you pretty much need to make if you are making bhatia kadhi because what else are you going to do with the toor dhal after you take out the liquid?

3. Cucumber-Tamarind Kuzhambu: a spicy-hot gravy that makes a nice contrast to the mild flavor of the first two.

It all turned out quite good. Pity that I'm the only one eating them.

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