Finnair cockup

Ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous. The wife goes to the Finnair counter in Helsinki airport to check in and gets told that she needs a UK transit visa to connect through London. According to the UK government website, she doesn't:

Holders of certain documents are, regardless of nationality, exempt from the requirement to hold a Direct Airside Transit Visa when transiting the UK.

A valid USA I-551 Permanent Resident Card issued on or after 21st April 1998;

But the check-in supervisor at Finnair feels that this is a matter of "interpretation" and so, she can't take the flight she is booked on. She is told that there is a direct flight from Helsinki to Delhi, but no seats on the Delhi-Chennai flight. Even though the Jet Airways website will sell me the ticket right now if I want. End result? She will have to spend 12 hours in Helsinki airport waiting for a flight to Mumbai and 12 more hours in Mumbai airport waiting for a flight from Mumbai to Chennai.

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  1. It such an easy and always the same excuse "its a matter of "interpretation" and so, you can't take the flight she is booked on."
    There are many thousands of passengers who suffer this trauma everyday. Can't anything be done about it?