A job and a gardener

TR comes back after two months and finds his garden still intact:

In these two weeks I've worked diligently trying to eat an entire summer's worth of vine-ripened tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, okra, purple-hulled peas, banana peppers, and sweet corn washed down with a couple of gallons of sun tea flushed with the mint from my garden.

I was gone for just five weeks and only to three continents (in case that matters), but there's grass all over my basil.  The mint has gone to seed.  The tarragon is comatose.  And there are three sorry-looking bell peppers in the patch.

Not only do I want TR's 2 continents/month job, I also want his gardener.


  1. Yes, I too wondered about the well tended garden.

  2. No gardener, just me. I don't know what's in this soil -- I didn't even use fertilizer. An automatic sprinkler system set three times a week keeps it going. I weed on the few days between each trip. The sunflowers grow a foot a week -- they are now a foot over the stockade fence. I have six foot tall cosmos - didn't know they could get that tall.

    I planted the garden from scratch in one day when I was home in May for a week.