A free kite

S1 had made a kite in school and wanted very much to try it out. So, off we went to a nearby park.
Another father was also there trying out a kite. He couldn't make the kite stay in the air and his little person wasn't into it at all. After about an hour of trying, he came over and gave me the kite.

"The kite's good," he told me, "but my son is not interested. I saw your son playing with a kite earlier, so it's yours if you want it."

Have I ever turned down something free? "Thanks," I told him and promptly went over to see if I could get the kite up. It was a little weighted on one side, but nothing that looping the tail over the neck couldn't fix.
The other father was watching, so I asked him if he'd like the kite back. "It flies well," I suggested to him. He waved off the offer.
Our nice new kite.
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