New York goes all patriotic

For all the times that I've been in New York since 9/11, I've never felt the slightest need to go to see Ground Zero. Yesterday, though, I had to cross the Hudson to New Jersey and so, took the commuter train. Since it leaves out of the World Trade Center site, I visited the World Trade Center spot for the first time.

Lots of construction going on; the PATH train is fully operational even as construction goes on at the site. Pretty impressive:
This kind of resilience is quite common to big cities -- New York, London, Mumbai have all had their share of fanatics. But the cities go on.

When I came to New York in October 2001, I was struck by the complete lack of American flags anywhere. This was just a month after 9/11 and in Oklahoma, every pickup truck was flying flags and expressing solidarity with the New York City. But in NYC, everyone had already moved on.

Enroute to the PATH train, I walked through the financial district. So I found it kind of funny that the New York Stock Exchange building is draped with a flag and a Lincoln exhibit is going on at the old Federal building.

What 9/11 couldn't do, a trillion-dollar bailout has managed to achieve.

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