An inspiring young man

From a Tulsa paper, an article about David Moran (a student employee at NSSL who graduates next weekend):
But becoming the first college graduate in the family and mastering math aren’t the only obstacles he has faced. Shortly after birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Moran has maintained a busy schedule while at OU. In addition to attending classes and studying, he works at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in the National Weather Center on a project involving better forecasting of flash floods. He also manages an online weather station – the Oklahoma Internet Weather Center – for which he also served as chief meteorologist.
One of the most inspiring things about the story (something that I didn't know) is that, in spite of his cerebral palsy, he didn't go easy on himself. Instead of just skating through his hardest subject -- mathematics -- he worked hard enough at it to get a degree in mathematics.

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