Hyenas or tornadoes?

We went to see Lion King, the Broadway musical, yesterday. This was the kids' first full-length musical. We'd read the story to them earlier in the week, so they knew what to expect.

S1 liked the show overall, but his main reaction during the show was:
"Why do they keep singing and dancing instead of acting the story?"

S2 got a little concerned when the hyenas came out. She sat on my lap for the rest of the show, asking me every 10 minutes or so when Simba would fight Scar and win.

When the show finished and we were trooping out, there was an announcement on the PA system that downtown OKC was under a tornado warning. There was a TV on in the lobby, and the radar showed storms right along I-35 (our way home). It looked as if we were stuck.

So, I called K. He looked at radar data on Google Earth and told me a route that would steer us through the storms and enter Norman from the west. There were lightning flashes on either side of us, but we encountered nothing more than a drizzle.

Men dressed like hyenas had made S2 a bit nervous, but tornadoes and lightning didn't faze her one bit. She fell asleep as soon as she got in the car.

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